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Web-based FLV(flash video) player

Owl icon.jpg alternative solution: HTML5 <Video> tag [1][2]

JW FLV Media Player

  • license: free for non-commercial
  • 需要註冊才能下載

Introducing the Dreamsocket Media Player | dreamsocket.com (Documentation)

  • license: free for non-commercial cc-by-ns-sa quoted from official readme file
  • config / flash vars:
    • file - the video path
    • image - the poster image path (still that represents your video)
    • google_analytics_id - a google analytics id if you would like to track your video
  • comments: logo太明顯

FLV Hosting Clients and FLV Players

  • license: free but "You must not re-sell or re-distribute the source code in any form. " from readme file
  • config / flash vars: "include widescreen, full screen, and share/replay options. The whole system is directed from editing a small xml file. Images can also be displayed as an overlay and alongside the text within the advertisement. The player can be set to Progressive Streaming or Flash Media Server Streaming (RTMP)"

Sonettic Cinema Flash Video Player and rich media features - Cinema HD Player FS Free kit

Ripe Web FLV Player(Feature List)

FLV / H.264 Video Player I($)

  • req: Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher

HD Web Player

  • license: free for non-commercial

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