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  • MWSnap
    • 可選擇全螢幕、視窗、固定範圍、任意區域的擷取方式 [freeware]
  • Screen Capture
    • 四種擷取畫面的模式(視窗/選單/全螢幕/任意區域) [freeware]
  • Evernote Windows + Print Screen按鈕,擷取任意區域的畫面後,自動儲存為一則新筆記。
  • Windows鍵盤上擷取螢幕畫面按鍵。注意:不支援部份影像的擷取 Icon_exclaim.gif
    • Print Screen(有時簡化為PrtSc)按鈕: 擷取整個螢幕畫面
    • Alt + Print Screen按鈕: 擷取目前選取的視窗畫面 (資料來源: Print screen - Wikipedia)


LINE iOS、LINE Android 對話截圖功能


擷取需要捲頁的網頁畫面 (網頁快照)

  • Good.gif Save to Google Drive for Chrome Browser chrome.png : capture the visible or whole web page and upload to Google Drive. [Last visited: 2015-01-28]
  • Good.gif Pearl Crescent Page Saver is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox Firefox browser_firefox.png
    • mode: "Capture or clip all visible portion, or entire page" quoted from official website. save an image of a web page to a file in Png/Jpeg format.
    • auto save after chosen mode: ok
    • filename: customize the file name (insert the timestamp)
    • allow to grab flash snapshot: Yes , capture Flash content in Firefox 3 (With Page Saver 2.0)
  • Chrome Browser chrome.png 打開「開發人員工具」(DevTools)
    1. 打開「開發人員工具」後
    2. Win Os windows.png 輸入按鍵: ctrl + shift + p ; Mac icon_os_mac.png 輸入按鍵: ⌘ command + shift + p 打開「command menu」
    3. 輸入關鍵字 screenshoot 有三種模式可以選擇
      • (1) Capture full screenshot 擷取需要捲頁的網頁畫面
      • (2) Capture node screenshot 擷取某個節點區塊的畫面,使用前要先選取某個節點
      • (3) Capture screenshot 擷取當下視窗畫面 (如果「開發人員工具」開啟並 dock to bottom,反而造成畫面區域變小)[1]
  • Screengrab! - You can switch the page capture method
    1. Java (older, longer - about 2 seconds if you want to capture flash images)
    2. Gecko Canvas (newer, faster) (last visited: 2008-01-15)
  • url2bmp (last visited: December 13, 2005)
Shih-Hsien’s BLOG » Blog Archive » url2bmp:網頁快照 (snapshot) 軟體



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