Insufficient disk space

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Possible solutions of insufficient hard drive disk space

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clean the disk space[edit]

using the tool to auto clean the space

clean the following directories (at Windows)

  • %Temp%
  • %HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

uninstall the software or fonts which you may not used

  • software
  • fonts

restart the chrome browser

  1. Backup all tabs by using OneTab
  2. Restart the chrome browser. You can keyin chrome://restart in the url to restart the chrome [1].

finds duplicate files

understand the condition[edit]

find the directories or files which costs most space

move the user folders to another drive[edit]

Redirect a folder to a new location - Windows Help for Win Os windows.png ex:

  • move C:\Users\Administrator\Documents to D:\Documents
  • move C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads to D:\Downloads Icon_exclaim.gif You also need to change download locations of browsers

Change download locations of browsers

Move sync folders to another drive of cloud storage

tentative: move the %Temp% to another drive[edit]

How to setup my system path

use the symbolic link[edit]

Using the symbolic link linking to another hard disk. ex: I tried to resolved insufficient hard disk space where mysql data located by using the symbolic link.



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