Comparison of Firefox extensions: CopyURL, CoLT, MakeLink

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Comparison of Firefox extensions: CopyURL, CoLT, Extended Copy Menu, FireLink, Make Link and QuoteURLText

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Name Version Context: Grab the link text and target link Context: Grab the selected text and current link Context: Grab the title and current link (Right click on elsewhere OR blank region of a webpage or click the button on toolbar) Customization Insert Timestamp Import / Export Setting
CopyURL+[3] unofficial 1.3.3
(Fx 2.0)
Not work OK OK OK, many variables OK n/a
Good.gif CoLT(Copy Link Text)[4] v.2.5.1
(Firefox browser_firefox.png 3.6)
OK No No OK(%U:URL, %T:Title, %N: New line, %L: local time) OK(ex: 2011年2月4日 下午 12:46:33 )
Create Link for Chrome Browser chrome.png 0.0.12 Not work OK OK No No n/a
Extended Copy Menu v.1.6.1
(Firefox browser_firefox.png 3.6)
OK OK No No "It adds a "Copy As Html" and "Copy As Plain Text" to the context (right-click) menu." cited from official page No
Good.gif FireLink[5] v.0.8 for Firefox browser_firefox.png v.4+ OK OK OK OK, many variables OK OK
Good.gif Make Link[6] v.10.2
(Firefox browser_firefox.png 3.6)
QuoteURLText v.1.0.9b
(Firefox browser_firefox.png 3.6)
No OK No OK(@url, @quote, @title, @date) OK (ex: Fri Feb 04 2011 13:03:29 GMT+0800 )

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