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CoLT(Copy Link Text) is an extensions of Firefox (compatible with Fx 2.0). It's convenient to copy the hyperlink and its associated text.

CoLT v.2.2.1

insert the "open to new window" code[edit]

Download the colt_2_2_1.xpi from Born Geek's website.

  • Rename colt_2_2_1.xpi to
    • Extract all files of to colt_2_2_1/*.*
  • Rename the chrome/colt.jar to
    • Extract all files of
  • Open the chrome/
    • modify the following part


	case "html":
		myString = "<a href=\"" + linkURL + "\">" + linkText + "</a>";


	case "html":
		myString = "<a href=\"" + linkURL + "\ target=\"_blank\">" + linkText + "</a>";
  • Compress chrome/*.* to chrome/, and
    • rename chrome/ to chrome/colt.jar
  • Repack colt_2_2_1/*.* to colt_2_2_1.xpi

original result:

now will be