Writing the technology article

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Before writing the technology article[edit]

  • Search before writing! Is it necessary to write this article by yourself?
  • Does the suggested solution/software has been used by yourself?
  • Any OSS alternative?


  • Is there any buzzword that will confuse the beginner?
  • What is the OS environment running the sample code e.g. Linux Os linux.png or Win Os windows.png or Win Os windows.png
  • What is the runtime environment running the code e.g. version of the interpreter or required package
  • Through hands-on teaching, describe the state affected by an action or not.
  • Have the same concept but written in multiple sentences which cause the paragraph longer but unnecessary?


  • Time-related terms: Is it acceptable to include time-related terms, such as "today," in your writing? If not, simply remove any time-related terms.

Further reading[edit]

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