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[ Buorre beaivi] (Good day in Northern Sami 北方薩米語)
Fáilte! ([ Irish language] 愛爾蘭語)
Chonî: Say hello in [ Kurdish languages] (庫德語)
ciao ([ Say Hello in Italian])
Good Day!
नमस्ते (Hello in Hindī 北印度語)
Приве́т. ([ Hello in Russian])
你呷飽未? (Say hello in Taiwanese) 欢迎 大家好 (: Say hello in Chinese) 歡迎 大家好 (: Say hello in Mandarin)
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* [ Voyager - The Interstellar Mission] {{access | date = 2015-09-05}}
* [ 打招呼]
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