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* Solution1: Using headless chrome<ref>[ Getting Started with Headless Chrome  |  Web  |  Google Developers]</ref>
* Solution2: Not click the button which specified by XPath expression. Send the {{kbd | key=ENTER}} to submit the form<ref>[ selenium - Emulate keypress in webdriver using php - Stack Overflow]</ref>.
== How to resolve [WARNING]: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version xx or [WARNING]: This version of ChromeDriver has not been tested with Chrome version 86 ==
* [ Download] the same version of ChromeDriver with the version installed on the computer or server
* You may need to stop the ChromeDriver in the process list if you could not overwrite the existing ChromeDriver file
** {{Win}} (1) keyin {{kbd | key=<nowiki>cmd</nowiki>}} to open the command prompt with the administrative permission (2) and keyin {{kbd | key=<nowiki>taskkill /IM "chromedriver.exe" /F</nowiki>}} to stop the ChromeDriver process
** {{Linux}}
* Overwrite the existing ChromeDriver file
== References ==

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