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Search letters in Gmail with specified Label as Search keywords(Query operators).

預設標籤(default labels)[edit]

  • label:inbox 收信匣,
    • label:read 已讀信件 (搜尋時 lable:read 與 is:read 的效果一樣),,
    • label:unread 新信件/未讀信件 (搜尋時 lable:unread 與 is:unread 的效果一樣),,
  • label:starred 已加星號標記 (搜尋時 lable:starred 與 is:starred 的效果一樣),
  • is:important Gmail建議的重要信件 (優先收件匣簡介 - Gmail說明, How importance ranking works - Gmail Help[Last visited: 2012-02-07])
  • label:chat 交談記錄 (搜尋時 lable:chat 與 in:chat 、 is:chat 的效果一樣),
  • label:sent 寄件備份,
  • label:draft 或 label:drafts 草稿 (搜尋時 label:draft 與 is:drafts 的效果一樣),
  • label:anywhere 所有郵件(含垃圾信件/廣告信件 與 垃圾桶的信件),
  • label:spam 垃圾信件/廣告信件,
  • label:trash 垃圾桶
  • file size of attachment:
    • input larger:20m or size:20m to search the attachment larger than 20 MB or
    • input size:500k to search the attachment larger than 500 KB [1][2]

experimental function:

  • label:muted 標示為Muted的信件對話,如果有新信件,將不會顯示在收信匣 (需要至lab啟用Smart mute) (搜尋時 label:muted 與 is:muted 的效果一樣)
  • category defined by Gmail (Labs: require to enable the SmartLabel)
    • label:bulk
    • label:forums
    • label:notifications
    • label:personal
    • label:promotions


  • 如果不使用標籤組織信件。可以在信件標題,加上 [專案簡稱] 或信件內容 [自訂標籤] ,方便日後整理信件。

Query operators[edit]

New letters in inbox

  • in:inbox is:unread

Time related

  • Today --> after:yesterday (Due to the search "after:today" was not completed to cover all emails today, I suggest you use after:yesterday)
  • Last Week --> after:oneweekago

Focus some labels / Cluster with some labels

  • My Focus --> (label:label_a OR label:label_b)
focus on the letters with the labels: label_a or label_b
  • My Focus (new) --> (label:label_a OR label:label_b) is:unread
focus on the new letters with the labels: label_a or label_b

filter emails with multiple labels

  • Search label:label_a label:label_b to filter the emails matched multiple labels

search for all emails with no label 只看沒編過標籤的信

  • 列出所有標籤,然後再排除它們(參考資料):搜尋語法是 -label:標籤名稱1 -label:標籤名稱2 -label:標籤名稱3
  • 如果標籤已經很多,就顯得很麻煩

不支援部分字串搜尋 Icon exclaim.gif

  • 「搜尋結果不包括部分字串相符的項目,或與查詢條件「類似」的項目。 ... ... 如果您搜尋 vacation,Gmail 會傳回含有這個字詞的電子郵件,但不會傳回包含 vacations 或 vaccations 的電子郵件。」 資料來源: 內收郵件未送達 - Gmail說明(test day: 2012-08-11)


  • Spam unread -->
    • in:spam before:2007/5/1 (means the spam older than 2007/5/1)
    • in:spam is:unread
    • in:spam is:unread after:yesterday (means fresh spam :P)
  • inbox spam
    • specified language: using the stop word to filter
  • Tentative --> in:anywhere subject:keywords
It will perform the keywords' search in all email box include the spam and trash

filename search[edit]

  • Attachments --> has:attachment
    • without attachment: -has:attachment

find messages with specific star[edit]


label with the slash mark(/)[edit]

The label with the slash mark(/) will rename to Hyphen mark (-).

  • Ex: The label share/meeting will rename to share-meeting (not forcibly) but the search label:share/meeting will found no result until you search label:share-meeting.

specify the language[edit]

  • 'lang:en' will search only English letters
  • 'lang:zh' or 'language:chinese' will search only Chinese letters (include Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
    • 'lang:zh-cn' will search only Simplified Chinese letters
    • 'lang:zh-tw' will search only Traditional Chinese letters

reference: Search For a Specific Language in Gmail[1]


easter egg[edit]

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