Glossary of Teaching

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"teaching approach" and "teaching method" related


  • Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching (DPT) 診斷處方教學
  • Pedagogy 教育學或譯教學[1]
  • Teaching Approach 授課方式, 教學方式
  • Didactic method 教授法 / Teaching Method 教學方法
  • Teaching Pedagogy 教學法 ?

English teaching[edit]

  • EFL, English as a Foreign Language 英文作為外國語 via Yahoo!奇摩字典
  • TESOL, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages 英語教學

assessment and evaluation[edit]


  • learning journals, learning logs, learning diary, learning notes 學習日誌
  • Worksheet 學習單, 學習活動單

Information system[edit]

instructional material[edit]

  • OER, Open educational resources 開放教育資源
  • LOR, learning object repository 數位教學物件資源庫
  • courseware: 繁體: 課程(內容); 簡體: 课件