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Upgrade AppServ[edit]

AppServ v.2.5.10 -> 2.6.0

preparation task for Win Os windows.png

  • backup folder X:/AppServ/
  • backup the PHP configuration file which located C:\Windows\php.ini
  • backup the MySQL data which located X:/AppServ/MySQL/data
  • stop the Apache & mysql services

install the AppServ installer

change the configuration file

  • PHP config file: copy the file X:/AppServ/php6/php.ini-recommended and copy to C:\Windows\php.ini
  • If any change of the PHP config file, you need to restart the Apache service
    • To verify your change of PHP config file, you can use PHP: phpinfo to output information about PHP's configuration or type php -m to show the loaded modules in console mode[1]
  • (optional) enable the MySQL modules

Change the default install directory of AppServ[edit]

AppServ v.2.5.10

Change the default install directory of AppServ from C:\AppServ to X:\AppServ

  • Stop the AppServ service: Apache & MySQL services
  • Move the files from C:\AppServ to X:\AppServ
  • change the path of configuration file: httpd.conf, my.ini & php.ini
    • search the string: C:/AppServ/ and replace with the new path: X:/AppServ/
  • change the registry (path of service)
    • input Windows + r to open the console window
    • and input regedit to launch the registry editor
    • search the string: C:\AppServ\ and replace with the new path: X:\AppServ\
    • close the registry editor
  • start the AppServ service: Apache & MySQL services. And good luck!


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