A world without color

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Missing concept:

Use different word:

  • The word 'color' is not what we thought. It's the different concept. e.g. 土豆 means potato in China, but means peanut in Taiwan.
  • We used another word to describe the color phenomenon.
    • If we found the correct term, we may communicate this.
    • The word 'color' was censorshipped on some land because it means the violence, bloody, horrible existence on some land. You can not find any 'color' on public media. You can not search on the internet. The governance controlled and erased any news and documents on different channel to cover this word. Some people live on some land may thought the word 'color' was not exists event it exists on other land.

Parallel world without color:

  • We do not have color. We live in black white tv. The color is beyond our imagination.


  • Too complex / simple to use the word 'color'.