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使用者代理程式(user agent): Search Engine Spiders (Bots), Browsers, Code Validators

Search Engine Spiders (Bots)[edit]

User Agent Search Engine
Scooter AltaVista
WISENutbot Looksmart
IA Archiver Alexa
Slurp Inktomi
Fast-Webcrawler AllTheWeb
Walhello appie -
Googlebot (Google or 中文說明)
Gaisbot -

搜尋引擎 相關新聞聯播
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Web Browsers[edit]

list of web browsers[edit]

瀏覽器 相關新聞聯播
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Chcek Browser Compatibility[edit]

Check Browser Compatibility

Noun explanation

  1. allowed to interact: the solutions which (1) allowed to interact the web pages e.g. click the link and test javascript (2) view the web snapshot
  2. view the snapshot only: only allowed to view the static web snapshot

checking Compatibility[edit]

allowed to interact[edit]

desktop browser + mobile browser[edit]

cloud services for testing desktop browsers and mobile browsers

testing different screen resolution

mobile browsers[edit]
Owl icon.jpg WARNING: Simulators/emulators for mobile browser testing is different from the browser for real mobile device.


desktop browser[edit]

One PC with different Internet Explorer versions 同一電腦可以有不同版本的Internet Explorer

older version of IE also available at

other desktop browser available at

alternative: Install different virtual machines, ex:

view the snapshot only[edit]

image hosted by flickr
  • iCapture 檢視網頁在 Chrome 裡看起來會像甚麼。 [Last visited: 2016-09-13]

See also

further reading

Browser detect[edit]

Display HTTP headers of a web page[edit]

HTTP request and response data tool

Mail user clients / Mail user agents[edit]


  • Curl "curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS and FILE." Cited from official website.
  • wget

Code Validators (驗證工具)[edit]

Validation service: Markup

  1. Good! W3C Markup Validation Service(Html, Xhtml) 網頁標記語法驗證
  2. Free Online HTML Validator -
  3. W3C CSS Validation Service
  4. XML Validator offered by W3Schools
  5. Accessibility validator: HiSoftware Cynthia Says Portal validate Section 508, WAI (?) / WCAG (?)

Linked data / Rich snippets

  1. Bing 標記驗證程式
  2. Google Structured Data Testing Tool: Rich snippets


  1. jsFiddle using jsLint[Last visited: 2012-04-21]
  2. Link Checker
  3. RSS validator[3] for Atom and RSS

Serverside RSS Agregator[edit]

Bloglines, RSS reader, timboBot, MagpieRSS,

Some data came from