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Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Hallo, Hola & Merhaba! 

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我也要大頭貼 --> 似顏繪

各種語言的問候語(Greeting Languages)

Aloha (Hawaiian language)
Annyeonghaseyo (Korean)
Bonjour (French)
Buna ziua (Romanian)
Buorre beaivi (German)
Fáilte! (Irish language 愛爾蘭語)
Xin chào! (Vietnamese)
Good Day!
Guten Tag! (German)
Hola (Spanish)
Moyo! (用西魯巴語打招呼)
こんにちわ / Kon'nichiwa / (Japanese[1])
Live long and prosper (Vulcan salute)
Mabuhay (Filipino means Hello, Welcome and Long Life[2])
Merhaba (Turkish)
Mingalar pa (Indonesian)
Shalom is a Hebrew word to mean both hello and goodbye.
S̄wạs̄dī / Sawatdee ka!  /(Hello in Thai[3])
Tere (Estonian)
你呷飽未? (Taiwanese)
欢迎 大家好 (Simplified chinese)
歡迎 大家好 (Traditional chinese)

more on

  • 個人網誌
  1. 初代機 @
  2. 實驗機 @ 詳見 Blog at netfirms
  3. 二代機 @
  4. 詩議會 搬移至
  5. 三代機 @

  • 日 月 火 水 木 金 土


special characters


system info

  • DirectX Diagnostics: 執行 -> 輸入 dxdiag (info of Graphics Drivers / 顯示卡晶片型號)
  • Google chrome 瀏覽器的網址列輸入 chrome://gpu/,在「診斷」(Diagnostics) 表格中尋找 [szChipType] 或 [szDescription] 欄位。參考資料: 圖形無法正常顯示 - Google Chrome說明
  • EVEREST (30 days trial)


flv player

  • 要播放電腦內(包含光碟)的flv檔案,需要Flash安全設定(Flash Player - -Global Security Settings panel),例如光碟是在E槽,需要將E槽加入信任的資料夾,否則無法播放flv檔案。

other notes

notes for system design:

  • where the data come from:
    • the form field user fulfill
    • User agent detected by system
  • entry point: when the function start...
  • special case
    • no existing data
    • large value/amount