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  Buna ziua (Romanian)
  Buna ziua (Romanian)
  Buorre beaivi (German)
  Buorre beaivi (German)
Xin chào! (Vietnamese)
  Good Day!
  Good Day!
  Guten Tag! (German)
  Guten Tag! (German)

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Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Hallo, Hola & Merhaba! 

Shortcut: Blog, PlanetoidNotes, BookMarks

我也要大頭貼 --> 似顏繪

各種語言的問候語(Greeting Languages)

Aloha (Hawaiian language)
Annyeonghaseyo (Korean)
Bonjour (French)
Buna ziua (Romanian)
Buorre beaivi (German)
Xin chào! (Vietnamese)
Good Day!
Guten Tag! (German)
Hola (Spanish)
こんにちわ / Kon'nichiwa / (Japanese[1])
Mabuhay (Filipino means Hello, Welcome and Long Life[2])
Merhaba (Turkish)
Mingalar pa (Indonesian)
S̄wạs̄dī / Sawatdee ka!  /(Thai[3])
Tere (Estonian)
你呷飽未? (Taiwanese)
欢迎 大家好 (Simplified chinese)
歡迎 大家好 (Traditional chinese)

more on Flickr: Forums: FlickrIdeas: Greeting Languages(last visited: July 16, 2006)

  • 個人網誌
  1. 初代機 @ upsaid.com
  2. 實驗機 @ netfirms.com 詳見 Blog at netfirms
  3. 二代機 @ voice.onlyfun.net
  4. 詩議會 voice.onlyfun.net 搬移至planetoid.info
  5. 三代機 @ planetoid.info

  • 日 月 火 水 木 金 土


special characters


system info

  • DirectX Diagnostics: 執行 -> 輸入 dxdiag (info of Graphics Drivers / 顯示卡晶片型號)
  • Google chrome 瀏覽器的網址列輸入 chrome://gpu/,在「診斷」(Diagnostics) 表格中尋找 [szChipType] 或 [szDescription] 欄位。參考資料: 圖形無法正常顯示 - Google Chrome說明
  • EVEREST (30 days trial)


flv player

  • 要播放電腦內(包含光碟)的flv檔案,需要Flash安全設定(Flash Player - -Global Security Settings panel),例如光碟是在E槽,需要將E槽加入信任的資料夾,否則無法播放flv檔案。

other notes

notes for system design:

  • where the data come from:
    • the form field user fulfill
    • User agent detected by system
  • entry point: when the function start...
  • special case
    • no existing data
    • large value/amount