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Shortcut: [http://planetoid.info/weblog/ Blog], [[PlanetoidNotes]], [http://del.icio.us/planetoid BookMarks]
Shortcut: [http://planetoid.info/weblog/ Blog], [[PlanetoidNotes]], [http://www.delicious.com/planetoid BookMarks]
: http://planetoid.info/images/portrait.gif
: http://planetoid.info/images/portrait.gif
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== 各種語言的問候語(Greeting Languages) ==
== 各種語言的問候語(Greeting Languages) ==

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Shortcut: Blog, PlanetoidNotes, BookMarks

我也要大頭貼 --> 似顏繪

各種語言的問候語(Greeting Languages)

Bonjour (french)
Buna ziua
Buorre beaivi
Good Day!
Guten Tag! (德語)
Hola (Spanish)
Mabuhay (菲律賓語,意指祝福 Hello, Welcome和 Long Life)
Mingalar pa
甲飽沒? (taiwanese)
欢迎 (simplified chinese)
歡迎 (traditional chinese)

more on Flickr: Forums: FlickrIdeas: Greeting Languages(last visited: July 16, 2006)

  • 個人網誌
  1. 初代機 @ upsaid.com
  2. 實驗機 @ netfirms.com 詳見 Blog at netfirms
  3. 二代機 @ voice.onlyfun.net
  4. 詩議會 voice.onlyfun.net 搬移至planetoid.info
  5. 三代機 @ planetoid.info

  • 日 月 火 水 木 金 土


用戶貢獻 - Wikipedia(zh version of wikipedia)

Which Snoopy Character are you?


You are Charlie Brown! Youre strong willed and determined, but sometimes a bit of a fool! Youre always the butt of the joke but you never give up, you are intrigued by life and people cant resist you! Which Snoopy Character are you?

special characters

一隻貓在抽煙 ( Д)y-~~

move to ASCII art

system info

  • DirectX Diagnostics: 執行 -> 輸入 dxdiag (info of Graphics Drivers / 顯示卡晶片型號)
  • EVEREST (30 days trial)


flv player

  • 要播放電腦內(包含光碟)的flv檔案,需要Flash安全設定(Flash Player - -Global Security Settings panel),例如光碟是在E槽,需要將E槽加入信任的資料夾,否則無法播放flv檔案。

other notes