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Get the execution time of the script or sql query.



Recording the time elapsed after the sql query was executed.

SELECT SLEEP(2); /* sleep 2 seconds for testing purpose */
SELECT 'custom message' AS 'action', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() AS 'finish time', @timer AS 'start time', TIMEDIFF(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), @timer) AS 'time elapsed';

Linux command (BASH)[edit]

Linux   console, Mac   Terminal or Cygwin commands on Win   [1][2]

# start the timer
START=$(date +%s)

# sleep 2 seconds for testing purpose
sleep 2s

# stop the timer
END=$(date +%s)
DIFF=$(( $END - $START ))
printf "Elapsed time %02dh:%02dm:%02ds\n" $(($DIFF/3600)) $(($DIFF%3600/60)) $(($DIFF%60))

# expected result: 
#   Elapsed time 00h:00m:02s

Windows command (DOS)[edit]

REM show the start time
prompt $d $t $_$P$G

REM do something ...

REM show the finish time
prompt $d $t $_$P$G

or ...[3][4]

REM start to record the start time
set startTime=%time%

REM do something ...

REM show the start and finish time
echo Start Time: %startTime%
echo Finish Time: %time%


Using time.time()[5]

import time

# start the timer
start = time.time()

# do something

# stop the timer
end = time.time()
print("Elapsed time in seconds: ", end - start)


function sleep(ms) {
  return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));

// 1 second = 1000 ms
var startTimeInMs = Date.now();

await sleep(2000);

var endTimeInMs = Date.now();
var durationInMs = endTimeInMs - startTimeInMs;
console.log('durationInMs: ' + durationInMs);

var durationInSecond = durationInMs / 1000;
console.log('durationInSecond: ' + durationInSecond);