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Software list

URL Snooper v.2.30.01

  • live sniffer: ok
  • save as file: n/a
  • time stamp: n/a
  • license: free for perosnal usage

Wireshark 1.6.8

  • live sniffer: ok
  • save as file: ok
  • time stamp: ok
  • license: GNU General Public License version 2[1]

Case: try to find mp4 file

keyword filter at URL Snooper v.2.30.01

  • full request URI: ex: ok
  • partial URI path: ex: /folder/file.mp4, file.mp4, mp4 ok
  • wildcat: ex: *.mp4 not work Icon exclaim.gif

Filter at Wireshark 1.6.5

  • full request URI: ex: ip.dst == and http.request.uri matches "upload2/letsgo.mp4" (where the domain was mapping to IP: ok
  • partial URI path:
    • ex: http.request.uri matches "/folder/file.mp4", http.request.uri matches "file.mp4", http.request.uri matches "mp4" ok
    • ex: tcp and ip.src==
  • wildcat: ex: http.request.uri matches "*.mp4" not work Icon exclaim.gif