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OpenBiblio v.0.6.0

install instruction[edit]

  • Check the requirement: PHP 4.2+ & MySQL 4.0.12+
  • Setup the MySQL: {openbiblio}/database_constants.php
more on OpenBiblio Install Instructions
  • run the http://localhost/openbiblio/install/index.php


  • copy the {openbiblio}/locale/en to {openbiblio}/locale/en_utf
  • modify the {openbiblio}/locale/en_utf8/metadata.php
     "locale_description" => "English_utf8" 
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Setup the library
  • Click the admin label
  • login the default admin account
  • click the library settings
    • Locale: switch to English_utf8
    • HTML Charset: modify iso-8859-1 to utf-8
  • click the Update button

When create DB (for MySQL5)


 create database openbiblio CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

Modify PHP source


add line: $rc = Query::act( 'SET NAMES UTF8' ); so that all connection will be UTF8

 function connect_e() {
   list($this->_link, $e) = Query::_connect_e();   
   $rc = Query::act( 'SET NAMES UTF8' );
   return $e;
Modify PHP source (version 0.6.1)


add the two lines: mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8"); and mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8"); so that all connection will be UTF8

 function _connect_e() {
   static $link;
   if (!isset($link)) {
     if (!function_exists('mysql_connect')) {
       return array(NULL, new DbError("Checking for MySQL Extension...",
                          "Unable to connect to database.",
                          "The MySQL extension is not available"));
     $link = mysql_connect(OBIB_HOST,OBIB_USERNAME,OBIB_PWD);
     mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8");
     mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");
     if (!$link) {
       return array(NULL, new DbError("Connecting to database server...",
                                      "Cannot connect to database server.",
     $rc = mysql_select_db(OBIB_DATABASE, $link);
     if (!$rc) {
       return array(NULL, new DbError("Selecting database...",
                                      "Cannot select database.",
   return array($link, NULL);

  • click the Cataloging label -> New Bibliography
  • add a new Bibliography in Mandarin Chinese
  • & search Bibliography Search in Mandarin Chinese
  • Check MySQL DB table biblio, to see if the string stored in Mandarin Chinese. You can use freeware Toad for MySQL to do it.
  • Try again in Simplified Chinese