Merge multiple text files into one file

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Step 1: check the last line of text file is newline[1]

Step 2: Merge the content

  • copy *.txt > bundle.txt or copy file1.txt file2.txt > bundle.txt on Win  
  • cat *.txt > bundle.txt or cat file1.txt file2.txt > bundle.txt on Linux   & Mac   [2][3]

Step 3: (optional) Remove the duplicated lines

  • sort -us -o bundle_unique.txt bundle.txt[4] OS: Linux   , cygwin of Win   "-u means Unique keys; -s means stable sort; -o means output" quoted from sort manual.

Step 4: (optional) Remove the heading of CSV file

Step 5: Verify the merge

  • count number of lines wc -l filename[5]