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Check Browser Compatibility

Noun explanation

  1. allowed to interact: the solutions which (1) allowed to interact the web pages e.g. click the link and test javascript (2) view the web snapshot
  2. view the snapshot only: only allowed to view the static web snapshot

Checking the compatibility[edit]

allowed to interact[edit]

desktop browser + mobile browser[edit]

cloud services for testing desktop browsers and mobile browsers

testing different screen resolution

mobile browsers[edit]
Owl icon.jpg WARNING: Simulators/emulators for mobile browser testing is different from the browser for real mobile device.


desktop browser[edit]

One PC with different Internet Explorer versions 同一電腦可以有不同版本的Internet Explorer

older version of IE also available at

other desktop browser available at

alternative: Install different virtual machines, ex:

view the snapshot only[edit]

image hosted by flickr
  • iCapture 檢視網頁在 Chrome 裡看起來會像甚麼。 [Last visited: 2016-09-13]

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