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Total Commander is the software for file management. The customized settings and layout (two columns) I suggested was as follows:

Quick to rename file name with F2[edit]

Total Commander v.9.21a

Step 1: Configuration --> Options --> Operation: Select only the file name when renaming (not the extension) 3492134209_e2b9cb7217_o.gif

Image hosted at flickr

Step 2: Configuration --> Options --> Misc: Hotkey: F2 mapping to the command cm_RenameOnly --> click the green V to apply the configuration


Image hosted at flickr

Step 3: Select a file

  • Press F2 once: Select only the file name when renaming (not the extension)
  • Press F2 twice: Select the file name and the extension when renaming

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Configure custom layout[edit]

Total Commander v.9.21a

Caption  Width  Align    Field contents               example
Name     225    <-       Name                         filename
Ext      20     <-       Ext                          ext
size     30     ->       [=tc.size]                   12,345 (Bytes)
create   50     <-       [=tc.writedate. yMD h:m]     110305 00:00
access   45     <-       [=tc.accessdate.yMD]         110305 

  • create: The date when the file was created
  • access: The date when the file was accessed recently. Access means the file was opened, saved or moved to other location possibiliy.

Cursor movement mode of Total Commander[edit]

Total Commander v.9.12a


Go to the parent folder or enter the folder more easy by the keyboard/cursor movement:

(1) go to the parent folder

  • Press will jump to the top of folder [..]
  • At the top of folder [..], Press will go to the parent folder

(2) enter the sub folder

  • Press will open sub folder or open the archive file under cursor.


New cursor movement mode in the [Configuration] region

  • Menu -> Configuration -> Change Settings Files Directly
  • add the following line (note: not insert after this line [FileSystemPlugins64] ...)
  • Save the modified WINCMD.INI file and restart the Total Commander

Instruction from official manual[edit]

New cursor movement mode. Sum of the following:
	1: Left key jumps to first file, right key to last
	2: Left key goes one directory up, right key opens directory/archive under cursor.
	4: Override horizontal scrollbar in custom columns view. If this option isn't set, the cursor will jump only to the first file if the horizontal scrollbar is already at the leftmost position.
	8: Jump one page up/down instead of jumping to the first/last file
(from the official HELP file -> title: Settings in the file wincmd.ini )
  • 3 means
    • 'Left key' jumps to first file, and press twice 'Left key' will go one directory up
    • 'Right key' will open directory/archive under cursor.


Colors by file type[edit]

I prefer marked the file type e.g. *.bak with grey color. Steps: Total Commander :: View topic - Colors by file type