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Text to speech services

Text to speech 工具[edit]

Pocket on Android Os android.png or iOS Listening to Articles in Pocket with Text-to-Speech - Pocket Support

  • Object: Saved web page Icon exclaim.gif the content may not be saved completed but truncated.

Google 翻譯

  • Object: Input text

Google 文字轉語音 - Google Play Android 應用程式 on Android Os android.png

  • Object: Some books on Google play

博客來電子書櫃 on Android Os android.png 使用 Google 文字轉語音的服務

  • Object: books

Kindle 部分版本支援 Amazon.com Help: Features Available in Kindle Books

  • 物件: 書籍

文字MP3 on Win Os windows.png / TTS文字轉語音引擎

  • 物件: 輸入文字 或 Excel

配合多語系 TTS 使用語音功能 - Office 支援

  • 物件: 「OneNote、Outlook、PowerPoint 及 Word」


  • 物件: 網頁
  • 語言: 中、英文、台語

Bing Speech API - 語音辨識 | Microsoft Azure

  • Object: Input text

Cloud Text-to-Speech - Speech Synthesis  |  Google Cloud

  • Object: Input text

Wizzard Speech I ATT Natural Voices SDK [Last visited: 2018-09-04]

  • Object: Input text
  • Language: English, Spanish

vozMe - From text to speech (speech synthesis) [Last visited: 2018-09-04]

  • Object: Input text
  • Language: English, Español, Italiano, Hindi, Português, Català

Speech to text 工具[edit]

Speech API - 語音辨識  |  Google Cloud 「語音轉文字採用機器學習技術」,免費版語音辨識的額度 60 分鐘,詳 定價  |  Cloud Speech API Documentation  |  Google Cloud[Last visited: 2018-09-04]

Bing 語音 API - 語音辨識軟體 | Microsoft Azure

OLAMI 中文語音辨識 API|歐拉蜜人工智慧開放平台(威盛電子) [Last visited: 2018-09-05]

影片要產生文字,可利用 youtube 的 Use automatic captioning - YouTube Help,約需要半天時間 [Last visited: 2018-09-04] 教學: YouTube超佛心,自動幫你加入字幕! | T客邦

  • Object: Video
  • Language:
  • Sample code:
  • Related:

语音识别 - 讯飞开放平台 [Last visited: 2018-09-06]

  • Object: speex audio file less than 1 minute [4]
  • Language: 中文(普通话)、英文、中文(粤语)、中文(四川话)
  • Sample code:
  • Related:

Amazon Transcribe – 自動語音辨識 – AWS (API documentation: What Is Amazon Transcribe? - Amazon Transcribe) [Last visited: 2018-09-05]

  • Object: Audio file (Stored in S3 bucket). "Valid formats for the audio are mp3, mp4, wav and flac. [5]"
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Sample code:
  • Related:


  1. Language Support  |  Cloud Speech-to-Text API  |  Google Cloud
  2. 文件中心 - OLAMI - 歐拉蜜人工智慧開放平台
  3. olami-api-quickstart-curl-samples/cloud-speech-recognition at master · olami-developers/olami-api-quickstart-curl-samples
  4. 语音听写 · 科大讯飞REST_API开发指南
  5. StartTranscriptionJob - Amazon Transcribe For best results, use a lossless format, such as FLAC or WAV with PCM 16-bit encoding.Your audio input can be sampled at any rate between 8000 and 48000 Hz. We suggest that you use 8000 Hz for low-quality audio and 16000 Hz for high-quality audio.