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'''Easy backup method'''
Input the all page name into [[Special:Export]], and export the all content as a XML file. Steps:
# Generate the list of all page name: #* For newer MediaWiki: Use the [ Extension:OneColumnAllPages - MediaWiki]#* For MediaWiki 1.21.2: I modified the [ Extension:DynamicWikiSitemap] to [ list.php]
# Copy the list of all page name to [[Special:Export]]
# Export the ''latest'' revision of all pages (If you choose to include the all old revisions, it will takes costs time to import export the content.)
'''Other approach: Database backup'''
* [ Manual:Moving a wiki - MediaWiki] / [ Restore Database]
* [[MySQL_commands#Exporting_data_of_database.2Ftable_into_MySql_sql_file | Exporting data of database/table into MySql sql file]]
similar approach
* [ Reflection » Blog Archive » Export all the page names on your Mediawiki-powered Wiki]
* [ MediaWiki 替代的升級方式]

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