Software acceptance test plan

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使用者驗收測試(User Acceptance Test, UAT)

Goal -> functional features & non-functional features -> test plain


  1. Build new environment using docker
    • Language Interpreter version & package version
    • System requirement: e.g. CPU & memory usage
  2. Deploy and run the codes
  3. Testing
    • Testing by small amount data, large amount data
    • Expected or un-expected result
    • Validate the dataflow:
      • Format of input data & output data
      • Rows count of data or file size[1]
      • Data dependency: If the input data came from previous step, you should check the format of data generated by previous step before executing the process.
  4. Progressive update
    • Incremental updates: How to apply new data to the current model
    • How to use new data to update the model

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