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How to translate a PDF document

Free Tools to translate PDF files[edit]



  • File size limit: (1) 5 MB for free plan (2) 10 MB for premium plan
  • File format: pdf, docx, pptx
  • Image text: 當內容是做成圖的文字,也可以轉換 Good.gif

Google translate[edit]

Google translate (Google 翻譯)

  • File size limit: 10 MB
  • File format: docx, pdf (無法翻譯超過 300 頁的 PDF), pptx, or xlsx.
  • Image text: 當內容是做成圖的文字,無法轉換 Icon_exclaim.gif

Free Online Translator[edit]

Free Online Translator - Preserves your document's layout (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, text)

  • File size limit: (1) 10 MB,但是 (2) 小於 10 MB 卻太多頁的 PDF,會因為「FAIR USAGE POLICY」而被該網站拒絕翻譯。
  • File format: pdf
  • Image text:


免費翻譯 PDF 或 Word - DeftPDF

  • File size limit: 5 pages
  • File format: pdf
  • Image text:

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