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for moodle users or teachers

for moodle site administrators or developes

Who use Moodle[edit]

or my bookmarks tagged with moodle+courses

install web server ex: AppServ or XAMPP[edit]

download AppServ 2.4.x from AppServ Open Project

  • select custom to check some options of installation
    • (Apache) Server Name: domain name or IP or localhost
    • (MySQL) change the password

download XAMPP from

install Moodle[edit]

official document:


download appserv AddOns for Moodle from AppServ Open Project


in php.ini (xampp/php/php.ini or check the location of file by using the phpinfo() function ), unmark the curl extension


in moodle\lang\en_utf8\countries.php

$string['TW'] = 'Taiwan, Province Of China';
change to $string['TW'] = 'Taiwan';

upgrade Moodle[edit]

  • Subscribe the latest announcement of Moodle Security Procedures forum
  • backup data
    • backup the (MySQL) data file
    • backup the {moodle data} files
    • backup the moodle php files those you modified
  • download the latest version of moodle
  • (optional) Restart the server to refresh the cache and load the lang pack normally.
  • run the {moodle}/install.php
    • note: the path of data should be file:\\aaa\\data at MS Windows
  • move the {moodle}/theme/{cstomized theme files}

backup Moodle[edit]

  • moodle php or webpage files
  • moodledata files which uploaded by users
  • moodle database

debug Moodle[edit]

SQL syntax

FROM  `mdl_config` 
WHERE  `name` LIKE  '%debug%'

value of

  • debug: Debug messages
    • 0 (NONE: Do not show any errors or warnings) ->
    • 6143 (ALL: Show all reasonable PHP debug messages) Icon_exclaim.gif not 1
    • 38911 (DEVELOPER: extra Moodle debug messages for developers)
  • debugdisplay: Display debug messages
    • 0 (No)
    • 1 (Yes)
  • debugpageinfo: Show page information
  • perfdebug: Performance info

Icon_exclaim.gif Some moodle sites will not allowed to login the "Site Administration" page after enable to "Display debug messages (debugdisplay)" because the error message block the normal display of moodle page. Highly recommend, left one browser tab on the "Debugging" setting page if you can not access the database. [Moodle 1.8.1]

secure the phpMyadmin[edit]

  • password protected: change the root password

系統設定 » Variables[edit]

  • lang: en -> zhtw_utf-8 (Recommend: Download the lang pack from official website by yourself not your moodle.)
  • langlist: en, zh_tw_utf8; If you want to view different language version of moodle, you can add lang parameter in the URL address as follows:
Traditional Chinese:
  • (optional) slasharguments: file.php?file=/pic.jpg
  • smtphosts: ISP?
  • enablerssfeeds: 是

  • {moodle}/config.php
$CFG->dirroot   = 'C:\AppServ\www\moodle';
-> $CFG->dirroot = "c:\appserv\www\moodle";

secure the config.php[edit]

  • in windows, setting the "read-only" permission of the config.php file

cron.php maintenance script[edit]

method1 (require the admin permission)[edit]

新增 -> 字串值
more on Moodle docs: Cron

method2 (not require the admin permission)[edit]

REM -- run Moodle cron job
FOR /F "tokens=1-8 delims=/:. " %%J IN ("%date% %time%") DO SET timestamp=%%M-%%L-%%K_at_%%N.%%O.%%P 
wget -q -O Moodle_cron_%timestamp%.txt 
  • add to the scheduled tasks (程式集 -> 附屬應用程式 -> 系統工具 -> 排定的工作)
    • (optional) If you do not want to see the pop-up prompt window, you may need to install hstart. And add the following path to your scheduled tasks
path/to/hstart.exe /NOCONSOLE /IDLE path/to/cron.bat 


  • Administration / Users / Authentication / Manage authentication
    • Self registration: Email-based self-registration (Moodle 1.9.7)

Message: Enabling the PHP setting display_errors is not recommended on production sites because some error messages may reveal sensitive information about your server.[edit]

  • find php.ini file
original: display_errors = On
after: display_errors = Off
  • restart the apache service

modify the translation file[edit]


setup the default course block for new course[edit]

move the data to another HD[edit]

  • C:\AppServ\apache\conf\httpd.conf

move the webpages to another hard disk

DocumentRoot "C:/AppServ/www"
-> DocumentRoot "D:/www"
  • restart apache service
  • modify {moodle}/config.php

insert the tracking script[edit]

  • modify the {moodle}/theme/{default_theme_name}/footer.html
  • insert the tracking script ex: Google analytics codes

other notes[edit]

Moodle Assign roles for 1.7.x[edit]

Moodle Assign roles for 1.7.x

Moodle wiki syntax (markup)[edit]

  • CamelWord
  • Free link
    • [Free_link]
    • or
      [Description | Free_link]

forgot the specified theme[edit]

SELECT  `value` FROM mdl_config WHERE  `name` =  'theme' /*execute SQL command in Moodle 1.99+ database*/;