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MediaWiki Text Formatting Rules



  • 將目前的頁面分類到Wiki
  • 連結到頁面分類Wiki


可排序的表格(Sorting table)*[edit]

{| border="1" class="sortable" id="insert_unique_id"
|style="width: 60px" | 標題1
|| 標題2
|| 標題3
| 內文1
|| 內文2
|| 內文3
標題1 標題2 標題3
內文1.1 內文2.a 內文3.i
內文1.2 內文2.b 內文3.ii

Tool: CSV Converter[edit]

內嵌(includes/transcludes other pages)[edit]

內嵌其他Wiki頁面, 應用: journal page ex: Current_events

= Big Headings =
{{:Page Name1}}
{{:Page Name2}}

and so on...

note: Not {{Page Name}} - It will include the template called Template:Page_Name. (You may redirect the 'Template:Page_Name' to the page called 'Page_Name'. But it seems too verbose.)

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