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查詢副檔名 (Data formats and file extensions)

search strategy[edit]

If you do not know how to open the files with the extension ".epub", you can search with the following keywords:

  • how to open .epub file
  • .epub windows (reader OR viewer OR player)



One-time search the following web sites: File Formats search ( ex: .emf) powered by Customized Search Engine

  1. FILExt - The File Extension Source
  2. - The File Extensions Resource
  3. - free programs to open any file extension (教學: 搜尋可以開啟某個副檔名的免費軟體!)
  4. UK Technical Support: File Types List
  5. The Programmer's File Format Collection
  6. Webopedia: Data Formats and Their File Extensions
  7. Microsoft Windows File Associations


FileDrag (Freeware) 能查詢3000多種副檔名,以及該用什麼程式來開啟檔案。