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  1. 相關詞提示/聯想詞提示(term suggestion)
  2. 檢索詞擴展/詞彙擴展(query expansion)

cluster search engine[edit]

Usage: uncertain items search! You can refine your search results by using those services

meta search engine[edit]

整合搜尋 - 一次同時尋找多個搜尋引擎

via ResearchBuzz: Gravee: Get Your Context Indexed, Share Ad Revenue (last visited: 2005-12-27)
  • KartOO visual meta search engine (last visited: 2007-03-04)
  • Metasearch Search Engine - combines the results of many search engines such as Google, Open Directory Sites,, Msn. 雖支援中文關鍵字輸入,但測試時的中文搜尋結果無相關詞提示。英文關鍵字提供檢索輔助詞的建議。 (last visited: 2007-05-08)
  • sidekiq: 區分資料的類型 via TopHotNews的介紹, 支援中文 (last visited: 2007-03-04)

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