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Feed of 看板 Browsers 文章列表 - 批踢踢實業坊
瀏覽器 相關中文新聞聯播
微軟Defender又出錯,將Tor瀏覽器標示為惡意程式 - iThome Online
輪到台灣了!YouTube出手抓「廣告攔截器」 內行1招解套 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
瀏覽器的安全設計再加上網站漏洞,讓擴充程式可存取使用者密碼等 ... - iThome Online
Mozilla研究:什麼時候決定、選擇介面設計都成為使用者選擇瀏覽器的影響因素 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
Chrome瀏覽器推出15周年,Google宣布釋出諸多客製化功能與安全更新 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
Google發佈緊急更新修補Chrome瀏覽器新零日漏洞 - 資安人科技網
微軟 Edge 瀏覽器最新測試版添加超實用新功能!一鍵螢幕截圖畫重點 - 自由時報
Safari瀏覽器由來與命名之謎,蘋果為何選擇指南針為圖案? - 瘋先生
Tabs Fast Easy 一鍵凍結瀏覽器標籤分頁,釋放更多記憶體用量,還 ... - 電腦王阿達
BrowserGPT 在瀏覽器右上方就能使用ChatGPT 的擴充功能,輕鬆問 ... - 電腦王阿達
颱風小犬來襲北北基桃5日正常上班課- Rti央廣 - Rti 中央廣播電臺
Linea與區塊鏈瀏覽器SocialScan達成合作 - Anue鉅亨
Wemade推出新區塊瀏覽器「WEMIX Scan」 - Yahoo奇摩股市
融合量子網路技術與瀏覽器 藝術家實驗性開發新作重新思考感知觀念 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
微軟技術長:人工智慧市場輝達GPU 領先,但別忽視AMD 企圖心 ... - TechNews 科技新報
豆知識:Google Chrome 瀏覽器為什麼叫「Chrome」? - 電腦王阿達
Safari成為全球市占第二的桌機瀏覽器 - iThome Online
ChromeOS可能即將不再內建Chrome瀏覽器 - iThome Online
你用什麼瀏覽器上網? Google Chrome站穩龍頭 「第2、3名之爭」超激烈 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
說故事時間:從桌面圖示了解網路瀏覽器的發展史(與兩次瀏覽器大戰) - 電腦王阿達
Opera最新版瀏覽器原生整合ChatGPT等AI功能 - iThome Online
The Browser Company釋出Arc 1.0瀏覽器,率先支援macOS與iOS - iThome Online
Google瀏覽器更新!iOS版本Chrome四大新功能一次看 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
干擾手法?微軟Windows更新後,一啟動Chrome會觸發預設App設定頁 - iThome Online
Windows版DuckDuckGo瀏覽器邁入公測 - iThome Online
Google可能會在近期將Chrome OS預設瀏覽器調整為Lacros,加快安全更新腳步 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
Google為安全金鑰裝置、Chrome瀏覽器加入防禦量子破解技術 - iThome Online
Chrome、Safari仍分居瀏覽器市佔第一與第二 Opera瀏覽器開始超過Firefox - 科技玩家
如何有效率地整理 Chrome 和各款瀏覽器的分頁 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
Chrome 瀏覽器正式增加佔用記憶體自動釋放與節能模式 - ePrice
瀏覽器外掛程式風險高達51%,可能引發機敏資料被竊 - 資安人科技網
Chrome瀏覽器上的掛鎖圖示即將退役 - iThome Online

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Browser 相關英文新聞聯播
Your Internet Browser Does Not Belong to You - WIRED
Arc Max is the popular browser’s new suite of AI tools - The Verge
The Best Hidden Brave Browser Features - Lifehacker
Arc browser’s new AI-powered features combine OpenAI and Anthropic’s models - TechCrunch
Microsoft Defender no longer flags Tor Browser as malware - BleepingComputer
Microsoft Defender 'finally' stops flagging Tor Browser as malware - The Register
Tor vs. Chrome: Which Browser Is Best? - MUO - MakeUseOf
Unfair tactics, deals to make it default browser led to Google's dominance: Microsoft CEO - Onmanorama
Arc Max: A Glimpse Of How Great An AI Browser Could Be - Forbes
The most secure browser in the world is 15 years old - here's how it sees the future - TechRadar
A free browser game lets you play Starfield's digipick mini-game to your heart's content - VG247
How to password-protect your Private Browsing in MacOS Sonoma and Safari - ZDNet
Sam Altman backs teens’ AI startup automating browser-native workflows - TechCrunch
Hoopla Launches Browser Extension to Give Smart Shoppers a ... - CMSWire
Browser Extension More Powerful Than Honey To Find the Best Deal? - MacRumors
Why Safari is no longer my browser of choice on MacOS - and what I use instead - ZDNet
Opera GX vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Is the Better Browser for Gamers? - MUO - MakeUseOf
Google patches new zero-day actively exploited in the Chrome ... - SC Media
iPhone users get even more browser options as Vivaldi for iOS arrives - ZDNet
Deciding for ourselves: 98% of people want a browser choice ... - Mozilla & Firefox
You Need to Update Google Chrome or Whatever Browser You Use - WIRED
Google Chrome: How to reset your browser settings - Android Police
Use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Brave? Update Your ... - CNET
Chrome is (obviously) the top browser, but you won't believe what's (a distant) second - ZDNet
How to maximize your web browser’s performance with seven essential extensions - EL PAÍS USA
ChatGPT's new web browsing feature is a big disappointment. Use this plugin instead - ZDNet
This Web Highlighter Tool Lets You Mark Content Directly on iPhone’s Browser - MarkTechPost
Artificial intelligence will appear in the Arc browser - Mezha.Media
Hackers seen exploiting bugs in browsers and popular file transfer tool - The Record from Recorded Future News
Firefox vs Opera: Which web browser is best for you? - ZDNet
Play classic video poker (for free) in the browser - Boing Boing
Microsoft Edge Dev updates helps you find more updates - Windows Central

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